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Manufacturer Type Name GC Number Description Notes
Ferroli Fan FF76 372241 800440
Ferroli Fan FF77 372310
Ferroli Fan Modena 80E 39806880
Ferroli Fan Optima 5910
Ferroli Fan Optimax HE Plus 18s/25
Ferroli Fan Roma
Ferroli Fan Sigma 39806880
Ferroli Fan Domicondens F24/F28
Ferroli Pcb FF 77 (VMF5) 372306 802546
Ferroli Pcb 800655 S4562DM 1006
Ferroli Pcb 802580 S4562C 1069 9811
Ferroli Pcb CF 76 (VMF4) 372306
Ferroli Pcb DOMIcompact F24B MF08FA.1
Ferroli Pcb FF 76 (VMF3) 372226 800070
Ferroli Pcb VMF 7 W4115B 1325
Ferroli Pcb FF 77 (VMF6/6.1) 800050
Ferroli Pcb Ignition S4565CD 2003
Ferroli Pcb Modena 80/102 E 805900 / MF 03
Ferroli Pcb Modena MF 01 W4115B 1523
Ferroli Pcb Modena MF 02 W4115BM1024
Ferroli Pcb Modena/Domina 80 39804990
Ferroli Pcb Modena/Domina 80 Ign 36506370
Ferroli Pcb Optima S4561A 1015
Ferroli Pcb Optima Ign
Ferroli Pcb Optimax Disp
Ferroli Pcb Optimax Seq
Ferroli Pcb Sigma 231771
Ferroli Pcb Falcon / F24 PMF03F