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Manufacturer Type Name GC Number Description Notes
Barlo Pcb Balmoral 40 600503
Halstead Fan Eden cbx24/32 cb28 sbx3
Halstead Fan Ace HE
Halstead Fan Wickes 30/90
Halstead Fan Wickes 30/60 601001
Halstead Fan Trio
Halstead Fan Quattro 988355
Halstead Fan Hero 60. 601009
Halstead Fan Hero 60
Halstead Fan Finest/Ace/ 988418
Halstead Fan Finest 988355
Halstead Fan Best 60
Halstead Fan Best 50 601004
Halstead Fan Best 30 988261
Halstead Fan Bentley.
Halstead Fan Bentley 141639
Halstead Fan Balmoral
Halstead Fan Ace High
Halstead Fan Ace He 24/30/35
Halstead Fan Finest Platinum
Halstead Pcb Ace 500615 / 988410
Halstead Pcb Finest Gold 500585
Halstead Pcb Wickes 30/90 862066
Halstead Pcb Trio Ign. 862016.
Halstead Pcb Trio Ign 862016
Halstead Pcb Trio Driver 862017
Halstead Pcb Quattro Ign. 500562
Halstead Pcb Quattro Ign 500562
Halstead Pcb Hero
Halstead Pcb Duo
Halstead Pcb Buckingham 4
Halstead Pcb Best Ignition 500570 S4565CF 1029
Halstead Pcb Best 40
Halstead Pcb Bentley Ign 400501
Halstead Pcb Balmoral 65 600501
Halstead Pcb Balmoral 78165 600503A
Halstead Pcb Aquastat W4115A 1004B
Halstead Pcb Quattro Driver 500563
Honeywell Pcb S4565DD1011
Honeywell Pcb S4561D 1019
Honeywell Pcb S4565CF 1029
Sime Fan Super 90 / Format 80 Halstead Trio