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Manufacturer Type Name GC Number Description Notes
Baxi Pcb Platinum 28-33 HE LMU 34. 210B
Baxi Pcb Main Range
Biasi Pcb Savio Main
Biasi Pcb M 96 Main BI1605112
Glowworm Pcb Swiftflow 125E Main Bd P3003051 227001
Glowworm Pcb H/W Main W4115B1408 SF E 375724 S202253
Hotpoint Pcb WMD962 Main
Keston Pcb Main 427400
Main Fan Combi 24se
Main Fan Combi 25/30 Eco
Main Fan Combi/System 24he
Main Fan Heat only 12he
Main Fan Heat only 15/18he
Main Fan Heat only 24he
Main Fan Heat only 9/15/18/24he
Main Fan System 18he
Main Pcb 24 SE (80 eco)
Main Pcb 25 Eco combi 25 Eco system
Main Pcb 18he/24he/28he/30he combi/system
Main Pcb Combi 24 HE 5112657
Vokera Pcb Sabre 25 HE Main 10025340