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Manufacturer Type Name GC Number Description Notes
Myson Pcb Controlaire 208A350
Thorn Fan Orion 15/30 332737+base 402A2207309A270
Thorn Fan Apollo 15/30 402S3467
Thorn Fan Apollo 40/60Si 377431 402A3420
Thorn Fan Apollo 40Si
Thorn Fan Apollo 65/80 359481 402A1949
Thorn Fan Apollo 65/80 Twin Speed 359481 309A732
Thorn Fan Apollo 80/100 402A2860
Thorn Fan Apollo 80Si 377432 402A3421
Thorn Fan Fanfare 377432 402A1233
Thorn Fan Olympic
Thorn Fan Olympic 20/30
Thorn Fan 402A2207
Thorn Fan Orion 377242
Thorn Fan Orion Si 377-242 309A1336
Thorn Fan Olympic 20/35 F
Thorn Pcb Orion Timer 377222 309SA481
Thorn Pcb 307C754 359299
Thorn Pcb 309A481
Thorn Pcb 400501
Thorn Pcb Apollo Fan Timer(R) 359328 402A1678
Thorn Pcb Apollo Ign 35941 402A1916
Thorn Pcb Apollo Ign Box 359341 402A1473
Thorn Pcb F/fare 50/65, 65/80 Si 402A1955
Thorn Pcb Fanfare Ctrl 37046 402A168
Thorn Pcb Olympic Fan Timer